Monday, April 8, 2013

Sidamo and Yirgacheffe from Øristeriet

Øristeriet sent me two samples of fresh coffee – both of them from Ethiopia.


Yirgacheffe, Misty Valley, Adado Coop

Roaster Description: The Adado Coop grows in 2000-2400 meters altitude. It’s a typical Yirgacheffe which makes it floral, light and sweet. One of the absolute best coffees they provide. It is a price winning coffee.  
This is a light and very bright coffee - I tried dosing up, but it is best at lower dosage. I used my V60, 12,5 gr. coffee slight coarser than drip and 250 gr. water.
The result is a super fruity and balanced cup. I can taste the lemon very clearly, a long aftertaste of deep chocolate as well. The mouthfeel is creamy and round. I can relate to everything in the description, it's a great coffee to end a lunch with !

     Etiopien Sidamo, Wotona Bultuma Coop - Fairtrade

Roaster Description: A true pleasure, fresh, juicy, mild and soft, light sweetness with clear notes of citrus and dark chocolate. The berries are handpicked to ensure that only fully mature berries are harvested, which results in a superb quality and a higher pay for the farmer.

This is what I would describe as an after dinner coffee. It's really heavy and super rich. I dosed exactly like the yirgacheffe, and played around a bit with the dosage as well. It does well with even higher dosage, but I still ended the same way, that's just where it suited me best.
Notes of honey are clear, combined with bright hints of lemon and apple, the combination is very well balanced. Again the description is spot on.

Both coffees are excellent in their own different way. I drank the yirgacheffe mainly early in the day, and the sidamo in the evening. Both suits well in Aeropress, I also tried it in the frenchpress but I got the best results dripping from the V60.

Once again some super coffee from Øristeriet. I'm amazed by the quality every time.