Monday, December 30, 2013

Temperatures When Brewing Coffee

Verve Coffee Roasters has made some very interesting tests regarding water temperatures.

It seems we don't have to be to worried about the boiling water.

It deffiently gives me somethings to keep in mind further on when brewing black.



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Whats In My Roaster

MIn this tread I will upload my different roasts. I plan to upload all of them, drip, espresso, SO's and blends.

If I have the time, and I remember, I will share how the beans develops during roast.
I will give my thoughts of the beans after brew. 
I roast on my Gene cafe - sadly my "Coretto" past away this summer, so I had to buy something new. I desided to get a Gene because of the possibility to adjust thru the roast. And it's a lot easier to buy in EU than the Behmor. 

I cool externally in a bucket connected to a vacuumer.

Almost all the coffee I drink is home roast. Until now all my green beans is from  different bulks from Bella Barista Uk.

Roast #1

I haven't put much thought in to this roast. Basically I just put them together in the way I think of them separately. Not so much how I think they will develope together. Doesn't have the talent for that. I really like the deep notes from the Nicaragua. The Costa Rica is not one of my favorite beans, but it does well as a base in blends. I hope the Ethiopia will work its acidity well with the depth of the Nicaragua. 

Roasted 20 seconds in to 2nd 

Start of 2nd

1 minute in to 2nd

After resting for six days I made my morning cappa with a 100% brew ratio. 

It's a very mild blend considering all three coffees roasted in to 2nd. 
It's actually a bit doll.... 

Second I tryed a 80% BR- a little better but still very neutral. Not exciting in any way, but not bad either. 
Subtle notes of nuts, the balance is very good. A bit to the acidic side. 
After resting for ten days now, it has developed some more, and improved in taste. I upped the dose to 18,5 gr for 22 gr of coffee. Its very silky and smooth.
A good coffee for guests i think, because of the subtle power.

Roast #2

This roast is made by 50% Brazil Daterra Sunrise and 50% Costa Rica Tarrazu.
Many roasters use Brazil as a base in blends, as they think it's a coffee with little excitement in it. 
I think that Brazilian coffees, especially the Deterra ones, is delicious. Maybe it's because I drink cappas mainly, and the Brazilian coffees is rich in sweetness. 
I hope the Brazil will ensure high sweetness and power. Again the Costa Rica is a base, with the acidic qualities. 

20 seconds in to 2nd, this coffee is very ugly and uneven in structure during roast. But as it hits 2nd it evens out and gets all smooth. Not a difficult coffee to handle. 

30-40 seconds in to 2nd. In my experience all Brazilian coffees roast fast. From starts of 2nd till very (maybe too) dark usually happens fast. 

Not a mind blowing experience... 
Unfortunately I had some troubles dialing in my grinder, that resulted in many sink shots and only a couple of descent shots to evaluate properly.
What I got was another mild blend. Clear taste of hazel and a nice creamy chocolate. Not enough chocolate though, so that's something to improve on.

Roast #3
Roasted 1,5 min in to 1st

This is a yirgacheffe from Ethiopia.
I have had this coffee from ├śristeriet roasted for drip, once before and I really loved it. 
I knew it was very bright, and I have decided to use it for drip only. 
I took the roast a bit further than I usually do with my drip coffee, because I knew its bright. 
And it's just the best drip coffee I have ever consumed. 
I'm brewing on V60, 14,5 gr for 220 gr water. 
It's a flawless lemon taste with no sourness, it developes in to a well balanced rich coffee with deep honey. 
Try it if you should get your hands on a yirgacheffe. 

Roast #4

Well into 2nd - about 1,5 min

45-60 seconds in to 2nd developes rapidly when entering 2nd

Till start of 2nd

A late and rather short review of the roast above...

This blend didn't do well for me... 
The taste were a bit sour, no matter what I tried to overcome the sourness, it just staid sour and doll at the same time. Didn't put much thought in to it further than that. Just on to the next one. 

Roast #5

With this roast, and propertly many others, I have decided to go a lot further in to 2nd. Many of the roasts above was okay, but just a tad to doll.. With this dark strategie I hope to get much more, and powerful flawor. 

1,5 min in to 2nd

1 min in to 2nd - roasted harder than ussual

The dark strategie did a huge difference :)
The chokolate came, and It was full of power. 
Lots of chokolate and nougat in this one. 
Must admit it is a bit to dark. A little bitter in the end, and it seems there's more to get out of this by going a little lighter. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Perfect Capucinno

As many of our readers know, I'm a dedicated capucinno consumer.

I would like to describe to all of you what a perfect capucinno is in my opinion. 

It may seem straight forward to brew and make a cappa, but I have tried many different approaches, and found that these steps make my favorite. 

I use a 180 ml cup, always preheated. 

My beans are always roasted to 2nd crack.. Doesn't matter if it's a blend or SO, always take it to 2nd. More sweetness and deep flavors to support the rich milk. 

I have learned that a ristretto is the best for my cappa. For a long time I used a regular espresso with a 50% brew ratio.
But it became to powerful and bitter many times. Had a hard time controlling it, and getting continuos results. 
The ristretto is easier to handle for me, and simply tastes better.  

I have my grinder timed to deliver 18 grams. 
With those 18 grams, I get a ristretto weighing 18-22 grams in 25-35 seconds - including 2-3 seconds of preinfusuion.

That's the base and most important thing in every espresso drink. 
A good tasting shot. 
No matter how flawless your microfoam is, the taste of under or over ecstracted espresso will be dominating to the flawor. 

I top the shot with perfect microfoam. If I'm lucky I draw a descent piece of art to satisfy the eye as well !

I have made a smal video of myself making a cappa, to visualize my descriptions. 

I hope you've found this usefull, also I hope you too like this recipe as much as me !