Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to remove steam wand from the Francis Francis X1

Front screws which should be removed

I have got some requests regarding removing the steam wand on the Francis Francis X1. Therefore I have assembled this step-by-step picture guide. The different steps will be described both shortly in the picture text and in more detailed text below.

The tools required to remove the steam wand

1+4. Screwdriver, you need to have one of these to remove the front panel screw along with the internal screw.

5. Wrench, you also need a wrench to remove the nut holding the steam wand in place.

Removing the front panel screw 

The simple way of removing the steam wand is by taking out these two front panel screws, cause when the front panel is removing, you will have a clear sight of the internal of the Francis Francis X1.

Removing the front panel

Remove the front panel by use of hand, by pulling in a horizontal direction (towards you) and the front panel should come right off.

Locating the internal screw

Let the front panel hang in the attached wires and locate the internal screw holding the steam wheel. By removing this particular screw you will be able to remove the steam wheel.

Removing the internal screw 

The internal screw are located at the steam exit T, which you can only remove by entering the hole beside the steam wand with the screwdriver as shown in the above picture.

Removing the steam wheel 

When you have loosen the internal screw, you can remove the steam wheel by turning it against the clock, likewise when opening for steam.

Removing the steam wand

You need your wrench when removing the steam wand. Seal it to the nut holding the steam wand in place and turn with the clock to unscrew the nut.

Remove the steam wand 

When you have released the nut holding the steam wand in place, just pull it down. To remove the steam wand completely just grap around it and pull vertical (down).

The removed parts 

1. The removed steam wheel.

2. The steam wand, which can be disassembled further by turning the steam tip clockwise while holding the steam wand arm in place.

4. Front panel screws holding the front panel in place.

Well as you might have noticed so far, removing the steam wand is very simple; SO GET ON WITH IT, this way you can clean it optimal and perhaps invest in some better steam wand tips.

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  1. Hi there Kasper. Do you know if it is possible to extend the steam wand on th FF. Or to use a wand from a different label such as Gaggia Classic Steam Wand, depending on the dimensions of course