Saturday, March 24, 2012

10,000 mile stone

10,000 views within 64 days
It took off being a review-site for the home coffee enthusiast and that is exactly the content, which have been published at the Coffee Channel the last 64 days, counting 72 blog post. I have never thought that the Coffee Channel would achieve such high visit numbers within the first quarter, but nevertheless Coffee Channel is being enjoyed world wide, counting about 80% from foreign countries.

Its a privillige to publish blog post that people find interesting and especially useful, example the Francis Francis Internal PID guide has been linked on several coffee forums (incl. as a solution to an occurred problem.

I will try my very best to continue this informative articles and seek related coffee firms/persons, who can provide interesting, fascinating and useful material to create articles. Therefore a special thanks shall be giving to the current coffee firms, who have provided such material; Grower´s Cup, Redespresso and Rocket Espresso.

Nevertheless the biggest thanks shall be honored to you, because without you guys, there would be no existing Coffee Channel.

// Hendrup

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