Monday, March 5, 2012

Atmosphere of 1950s

Red shake, developed by Redespresso
So a general milkshake have never been my thing, cause of the high content of calories, but sometimes you just have to give in for enjoying the complete sweetness of life. Redespresso have developed this stunning milkshake, combining their characteristic rooibos espresso shot with vanilla ice cream.

The progress of this drink is producing/extracting/brewing a redespresso shot by using an espresso machine, stovetop espresso maker, french press nor classic coffee maker, see a taste of summer for detailed description of brew method. The double redespresso shot is poured into a blender along with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, which is blended nicely together, serve in Y-glass for optimal appearance.

The judgment of this particular drink is positive, beyond positivism! The flavors from the espresso shot, which is kind of sweet herbs along with some notes of red berries combined with the freshness of the vanilla ice cream is nothing less than an absolutely amazing fusion of great taste. You get this strange feeling of the Red Shake being a heathy treat, but I really don´t think it would fit in under that category, nevertheless its a wonderful taste experience, cause the redespresso shot also provides a certain dryness to the drink and the ice cream provides a very creamy and thick texture of the drink.

Brilliant drink and my all time favorite of the Redespresso drinks along with the Iced red latte and fresh red!

// Hendrup

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