Saturday, March 17, 2012

Newly purchased items

Two kilos of green coffee beans from Colombia and Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea: This particular green bean is from the plantation Sigri and is a AA grade bean. The taste of this coffee should be similar to the exclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, with a rare and clean depth.

Colombia: This green bean is grown in the mountains of Andes and have the highest quality grade available in Colombia, which is supremo. This coffee should have a great acidity and rich flavor with a good strong cup.

Two kilos of green beans from Mexico and Ethiopia
Mexico Maragogype: These green bean is known as the elephant bean, cause of the huge size of these beans compared to other green beans. These particular bean is hand sorted in Mexico and is of the highest quality. The coffee should have a round and great taste, with low acidity.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: This organic and fair-trade green bean should have floral notes with notes of citrus.

Chai Powder
Spiced Chai: This Chai powder is used in the brewing of a Chai Latte, which is a great replacement  cup when you need an additional choice to a cappuccino nor a hot chocolate. This type of powder is mixed with frothed milk to create this drink and is most enjoyable when its cold outside.

Aeropress: This brewing device is growing rapidly in popularity, cause of the short extraction time between the hot water and ground coffee, leaving a crisp and clean cup to enjoy.

// Hendrup

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