Thursday, March 29, 2012

Papua New Guinea Sigra AA

Islands of PNG
There are two basic styles of coffee produced by this often undervalued but exciting origin: classically wet-processed coffees from larger farms or estates (Arona, Sigri) and small-grower coffees subjected to the same simple backyard wet processing that gives the traditionally processed coffees of Sumatra and Sulawesi their unusual character.

The magnificent and unique plantation wet-processed Papua New Guineas are acidity but balanced, with a variety of high-toned nuances, including flowers and citrus tones that often suggest grapefruit. The small-grower coffees are often a fin, fruity variation of the basic full-bodied, deep-toned sumantran/Sulawesian cup.

PNG located on map
The coffee produced in Papua New Guinea was actually first sown by the Germans in the early 1800´s, the plan was to sell the production/harvest to nearby Australia for consumption. Nevertheless the Papua New Guinea reputation went up in the late 1930s and started gain momentum.

Coffee bag from PNG Sigri

This coffee really jumps out on a table of other PNG coffees from the Western areas for it's sweet aromatics. The dry fragrance has slightly winey, ripe-fruit notes (quince jam, apple, pear). The wet aroma is a little less fruited, with a nice honey-on-toast scent. There are spice notes too; cinnamon and a little nutmeg. 

The cup is really nice; red apple dominates when the coffee is hot, with the same cinnamon and nutmeg found in the aroma coming through clearly in the sapid flavor. The body is not too thick, but seems syrupy and pleasing. 

The coffee finishes with sweet mulling spice notes, and a bit of orange peel. Dark roasts can be a little smokey in the roast taste: I prefer City to City+ roast, although the coffee appears a bit uneven and wrinkly in surface texture.

Harvest of the PNG beans

I must say that I really enjoyed this cup of coffee, cause its simply contains a stunning depth and volume. Its amazing to drink straight from the morning and its basically hard to find any time where a of PNG Sigri aren't enjoyable. 

If i were to choose I would drink the PNG coffee without any secondary food, because its very saturating.

Hope you enjoyed this review.


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