Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Evolution within tea

Bodum 12 cups , with redespresso
The following viewers may have noticed some blog posts regarding Redespresso, cause I had received two bags of rooibos tea powder. Lately I been thinking about these reviews, because all off them were produced/extracted from a espresso machine, the most expensive coffee extracting tool for the home consumer. The product allows brewing on multiple coffee brewing tools, such as stovetop espresso maker, french press and the classic coffee maker, so why assemble a blog post using the french press?

So I trapped my 12 cups Bodum french press and fired up some water and about three minutes later, I was ready to produce splendid quality tea, in form of a redespresso shot. I took twelve scoops of rooibos powder and poured it into the french press glass container and gently applied hot water on top.

Brewing time
The picture above shows the brewed time with the french press, were the tea at start in the top layer and slowly circles round and ends at the bottom. I let the water and rooibos tea merge for about five minutes, ending the brew time by slowly press the filter down.

Close up at the final brew of redespresso
The taste was absolutely delicious, cause it was like normal rooibos tea, very sweet with delightful notes of berries. BUT there is a clearly evolution within the tea category, cause Redespresso have managed to produced rooibos tea, which leaves a thick and creamy taste experience. This thickness is indeed surprising, because there is no milk, cream or sugar added, so its also quite saturating.

// Hendrup

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