Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baresso: Americano

An americano from Baresso
So I am currently on a business trip to Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, and had a quick break at Baresso. Baresso is a danish started coffee bar chain, which is located multiple places in Denmark.

I ordered the Americano, cause its a nice cup of coffee if its brewed proper. The main reason why I cherish a great cup of americano is very simple, cause I enjoy a black cup of coffee, but an americano is a extracted espresso shot mixed with hot water. Thereby you get a more smooth, rich and tasty cup of "black" coffee, which is absolutely delightful is made proper. The only thing that sorts the good from the bad americanos is the espresso shot they are made off, but this cup suffered from a little burned flavors.

// Hendrup

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