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Rocket Evoluzione Giotto v2 Review, part I

The front panel of the Evoluzione model 

When I first-handed received a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione (first version) for testing, there was no doubt in my mind, that I was up for a Rocket Espresso made espresso machine, when I was economical ready to upgrade the machine park.

This was even more clarified when I received a Rocket Giotto Premium Plus v2 machine (also for testing) – because it simply solved every single task that I put up fore it. You might wonder why this was such a logical purchase for me, without testing any further into the world of espresso machines? I was truly sold into the quality world of Rocket Espresso, where their products are made of the finest steel and greatest craftsmanship. This specific review of the newly purchased Giotto Evoluzione v2 espresso machine from Italian, Rocket Espresso will perhaps spread some of my enthusiasm in your way.

Top of the espresso machine

Firstly I will focus on the design, because I find it extremely relevant when comparing espresso machines, because most of the espresso machines in same price range offers the same technical specs, so its left to the design and the “feeling”, when using the specific machine. This is also my point of view, because you will (if you are a true coffee nerd/enthusiast) use the machine on a regular daily basis and therefore will the design/feeling play a great part of how enjoyable this moment will be. 

Rocket Espresso is providing their machines with such finesse, that its hard to oversee when looking around at the espresso machines options – I mean the edges of the Rocket models isn’t just left rough and sharp, but is instead bended and fitted perfectly when assembled. This applies such a gap between a Rocket espresso machine and other available machines, ex. Izzo – that it definitely should be considered when purchasing your own dream machine.

Likewise is the steel color different from the available machines, because the Rocket machines possesses a goldish steel color versus the general cold steel color, but isn’t this a very small detail? Well, it’s an extremely small detail, but look at it from this angle – you will have to look at your machine every day, because it isn’t place-able in a kitchen closet.

Overall, the Rocket espresso machine models is possessing the greatest outer design, when talking the finish – no doubt about that and also has the greater looks when it comes to the steel used, but.! The Rocket has designed the water outtake a bit too close to the lever and therefore isn’t so operational as I would like it to be – for my personal use this isn’t a deep con, because I´m more into the cappuccino thing than a Americano – but for a Americano fan, this would be a considerable con.

Technical specs
            Bodywork                   Steel (AISI 304)

            Brewing head              Commercial brewing head (4.05 KG/ 9lb.)

Pre-infusion                 Dual pre-infusion system: mechanical pre-infusion system with progressively working piston and static pre-infusion chamber. (This reflects a smooth coffee extraction with optimum aroma, body and crema)

Thermo Siphon           Superior layout of thermo siphon design resulting in optimum extraction. With a 20% higher volume than comparable machine on the market, quote Rocket Espresso.

Boiler                          Boiler is made of pure copper (Cu 99,9%) with two lead free, heavy brass end plates. These brass end plates combined with the special additional boiler insulation increases the thermal retention by up to 50% versus other boiler systems, quote Rocket Espresso. (Boiler capacity 1.8 L.)

Pump type                   Full commercial rotary type pump (not vibrational type pump) with external pressure adjustment. 

Pressure control           The machines comes with a full size commercial rated pressure switch (0.35 degrees temperature differential tolerance)

Pressure gauges           One dedicated gauge for pump pressure and one for boiler temperature control.

Steam wand                With our cool-touch technology: anti-burn (only the nozzle gets hot) easy cleaning as milk doesn’t bake on wand; more efficient steam, as heat is not dissipated around the wand. Steam nozzle designed for easy milk foaming with fine texture.

Electronically              Microprocessor controlled automatic level control of boiler and fresh water reservoir, with low water level indication system.

Heating                       Optimized boiler capacity to thermo siphon system ratio. Results in fast heat up time with 1.200W element, made from special long life material. (5 times longer than normal elements)

Safety Valve                Fully certified commercially rated safety valve.

Water Supply              2.9 L fresh water reservoir or alternatively by turning the control switch, steel braided direct water connection (hard plumbed) with full drip tray drainage system.

Dimensions                 (W * D * H) 
                                    Rocket Giotto Evoluzione V2: 33 cm * 42.5 cm * 39 cm. (13.0 in * 16.73 in * 15.36 in)
                                    Rocket Cellini Evoluzione V2: 30 cm * 42.5 cm * 39 cm. (11.8 in * 16.73 in * 15.36 in)

Weight                         27.8 KG / 61.4 LB.

Additionally                Full size commercial one and two cup filter handles and baskets. One blind filter. Metal tamper. Microfiber towel. Group cleaning brush. Full training guide and instructions (CD and manual).

Next part of the review will be posted the 04-08-2012 (DDMMYYYY).

// Hendrup

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