Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back from Vacation

Bye Bye Vacation

Im back on track after a two-week-vacation and I hope that you have enjoyed some off the articles that I´d prepared - there were about six very different articles from frothing guides to a coffee beer review, so if you haven`t catch one of these, then there are links attached below;
1. Frothing Guide, link
2. Beer, Cold Brewed Coffee, link
3. New Coffee Area, link.  
4. VST Baskets, introduction, link
5. Difference in Pitchers, link
6. Rocket Evoluzione Giotto v2 Review, part I, link.

All in on espresso extracting

Im ready to fill the blog with some newly achieved coffee knowledge, so you definitely wont get bored in the August month.  I have prepared some different reviews, both of espresso machines but also a great coffee treasure cafe from Venice and some delicious recipes.

// Hendrup

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