Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rocket Evoluzione Giotto v2 Review, part II

The water supply switch, between plumbed or water reservoir

I do personally use the Evoluzione with its internal water reservoir and can therefore not comment on how the espresso machine performance when plumbed - but I will suppose that its doesn´t change anything. Nevertheless I have performed a steaming test with the Evoluzione Giotto v2 in the article - Comparison of Steam Tips - where different steam tips have been tested by the clock, to enlighten which steam tip, was the easiest and fastest to work with along with a specific type of milk. This specific test was performed in a single row, which clearly states how powerful the steam capacity of this machine is.

I have enclosed the Steam tip chart above for your convenience, so you can get the full picture off how powerful this machine is - and surely is the four hole steam tip the fastest choice, but more importantly is that the machine can pull this steam tip, because it lets the steam exit much greater than a two hole tip.

"The four hole tip is often represented in the most coffee cafes and is therefore thought off as a professional steam tip - this is because its currently the quickest steam tip at the market, that also can deliver the maximum result of great micro foam. Comparing this specific steam tip along with the two and three hole tips, the speed of the four hole will shine through when frothing for more than one cup of cappuccino." Quote from Comparison of Steam tips

The Evoluzione Giotto v2 machine can truly adapt with the four hole tip and easily make eight cappuccinos without any hesitation. This is also what I enjoy mostly about this machine - on the outside is the Evoluzione v2 designed like a true gentlemen with its classic and simple lines, but under the hood is kept a massive machine, which is ready for solving any possible task that you through at it.

Cup holder, with water reservoir behind

The Evoluzione v2 does come with a 4.05 kilo commercial brewing head and can therefore apply the absolute quality to your espresso shot - therefore will the shots be depending on the used grinder, because this definitely will limit the espresso machine. You will achieve great result with a Mahlk├Ânig/Baratza Vario, Mazzer Mini or Anfim K2 grinder, but you will achieve an even better result with a better grinder such as a Mazzer Robur or Anfim Super Caimano and therefore will the shot quality depend on the grinder, because this machine is up for the maximum extraction of the ground coffee.

Steam wand tip on the Evoluzione

Price versus Quality
In my world the Rocket espresso machine is the market leader of Price versus Quality in their price range, exception off the Nuova Simonelli Oscar with brilliant technical components, (but still made with a plastic chassis) which is excess the Rocket competitive price range. You might wonder why Rocket is leading within this field, but where do you locate a hand built espresso machine with a staggering finish besides the Rocket machines? Well, to be honest is there a lot of competition on paper with brands such as; Izzo, Vibiemme and Nuova Simonelli - where they have almost the same internal components in the different price levels, but when you add the design the clear winner will be Rocket espresso.

I mean, if you look at a Izzo or Vibiemme espresso machine - the edges is very rough made, almost left sharp and unpleasant to operate with. The Izzo have some beautiful machines, but a rough finish and Vibiemme is next to ugly designed machines in my opinion. Nuova Simonelli doesn´t produce a lot of machines with a steel chassis, but is more active with plastic sides - which isn´t preferable when having the ability to choose quality steel.

Water tap on the Evoluzione

Im supporting the Seattle Coffee Gear enthusiasm for the Rocket espresso machines, because I simply can´t find any other espresso machine within the price range off 10.000-15.000 DKK ($1.660 - 2500) that possesses the same elegant design, which simply invite to heavy usage. When I suggest espresso machines to people who PM me, I almost recommend a Rocket machine every time (depending on their price range) - because I look at it as Apple within the computer market. Apple products works every time and is easy to operate and beside holds the most elegant design along with its high brand value (In my opinion), the same aspects as a Rocket espresso machine.

// Hendrup


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  3. thanks so much for the review. I really liked the steam comparison and actually thought that it isn't so powerful because it took quite long to froth the milk. I never realized that is because of the steam tip.

    Appreciate the article. Thank you

  4. thanks so much for the review. I really liked the steam comparison and actually thought that it isn't so powerful because it took quite long to froth the milk. I never realized that is because of the steam tip.

    Appreciate the article. Thank you