Sunday, August 19, 2012

Attento Thermometer by Espresso Gear

Attento Thermometer by Espresso Gear

The Attento Thermometer is created by Espresso Gear and has been a cheap guidance for my journey off steaming perfect micro-foam - considering the price off the gadget versus a micro-foam course.

Espresso Gear began its journey in 2000 with funder Lars Wallin. Espresso gear is a Swedish invention, design and production company, focusing on the contemporary specialty espresso market. Whether you´re a seasoned barista, home brewer or an espresso enthusiast, products at Espresso Gear have been specifically designed to make the entire espresso making process pure fun. Espresso Gear´s incredibly crafted barista tools including tampers, knock boxes and frothing thermometers help you create consistent shots and creamy, velvety milk again and again.
The Attento is a thermo-label, which you stick onto your favorite pitcher - I have chosen my Steel Series pitcher, because off the thin sides so the thermometer can reveal the actual temperature inside the pitcher.

The label has liquid crystal slots, which indicates the accurate temperature by turning black from green (shown in the above picture) - a pros of this particular thermometer is that is shows the exact temperature versus standard frothing thermometers that suffers from delays. These standard thermometers is often up to several seconds out of sync with the actual temperature of the milk, which the Attento also can be if placed upon a Motta pitcher with thick sides.

The delay time of the standard frothing thermometers is a natural effect of all probe thermometers, which isn´t the case with the Attento, because the liquid crystals don´t wait to turn black when a certain temperature have been reached, they react instantly.

Another pros towards the Attento is that is stuck upon your pitcher - perhaps your favorite pitcher - and will therefore always be with you in the challenge of producing perfect micro-foam - compared to the standard thermometers, which is often left hidden in the drawer. In other words, once you have put the Attento on a pitcher it stays there for years to come, showing the temperature of every latte you serve day in and day out.

The Thermometer is dishwasher safe

The Attento thermometer is of course dishwasher safe, so you finally can secure the quality of every latte drink you serve. Highly durable, professional quality - the Attento quick becomes a must-have in the frothing process and will sharpen your skills within a couple off times.

In other words, my standard thermometer has never been used since.

// Hendrup

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