Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Txpresso Steam Knife

Txpresso Foam Knife 1 Hole Steam Tip

Keeping the focus within steam tips used for creating the most delicious velvety micro foam, there has been some small developments within this area of the world of coffee, according to espressoparts.com and coffee hit.com. The newly developed steam tips is instead steam knifes designed to cut the incorporated air bobbles into tiny/micro bobbles, which David Schomer thinks very highly off.

"Steaming with this revolutionary steam tip creates the finest, most silky cappuccino foam I have ever served at Vivace." Quote David Schomer

Im in conflict with my logic about wether this is a better solution than the current steam tip technology already used globally - especially when the focus is cast upon the price level that these two steam tip is introduced by.

  • Txpresso foam knife 1 hole steam tip 975 DKK ($162,5)
  • Txpresso vortex steam tip 800 DKK ($134)
"We are always looking for processes that will create a better preparation method and higher quality coffee beverages. As a result we have been honored to be a part of many special products related to the furtherance of specialty coffee quality.
The Sproline by SS&W is just one of those projects, however it is also one of the most compelling. 
The work related to these items is that of Shojiro Saito our partner in Japan. Several years ago he created the idea of brewing high quality teas on an espresso machine. While the idea of brewing tea on an espresso machine was not new itself the processes created by Shojiro to create a quality tea beverage were. When introduced to Espressoparts, we asked the question, about coffee and how the system might work. A year later Shojiro responded with what we know call the Sproline of Screens, and steam tips. 
So, what is the process used to create the incredibly tight bubble structure created by these tips? It is called Hydrodynamic cavitation. 
Hydrodynamic Cavitation occurs in liquid when bubbles form and implode in pump systems or around propellers. Pumps put liquid under pressure, but if the pressure of the substance drops or its temperature increases, it begins to vaporize, just like boiling water. Yet in such a small, sensitive system, the bubbles can't escape so they implode this implosion creates what we refer to as nano bubbles. This process as it relates to Tea and coffee milk steaming was recently provided a patent in Japan, to our firm SS&W. 
What is unique about our method is that we have created high and low pressure zones on the output side of the tip. The resulting high and low-pressure zones create Hydrodynamic cavitation and thus an implosion of the smaller micro bubbles created when steaming milk. The bubbles create such a tight bond that the structure creates a glossy surface to the milk that holds shape and pattern for a very long time. The effect of the nano bubble structure also keeps the gas bubbles of the coffee from escaping the surface of the beverage, and damaging the latte art and or foam structure on top of the beverage. 
Independent Coffee Houses and Baristas around the world are just learning of our new methodology, and are blown away by the quality of the milk created by these tips. Espressoparts, is proud to work with not only Shojiro, but all that who continue to look for additional methods that create quality within our industry." Quote Coffeehit.com

Txpresso Vortex Steam Tip

When comparing the price level upon the possibly achieved effect by this new steam tip technology - I must determine that its currently too expensive, considering that its 1/15 off my espresso machines value, which is a lot for only the steam tip!

Hope you checked the attached video above, because its espressoparts.com review of why it should be so expensive.

"The ultimate steam tip. Allows the barista to easily produce perfect micro-foam texture for lattes and other milk based drinks. Simply position the tip in the center of the pitcher during stretching and aerating and submerge the tip in the same position for a whirlpool. The Vortex tip's design creates an automatic whirlpool motion thanks the the positioning and angles of the steam holes." Quote Coffeehit.com

Hopefully it was good reading for you guys, but what do you think about this newly developed technology? Is is just a passing phase or has it come to stay?

// Hendrup

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