Friday, July 20, 2012

New Coffee Area

A close up view at the current set-up

Maybe you have been surfing some of my articles before and noticed that my pictures have quite a good view, due to the placement of my home on fifth floor. Well, I have moved into some new facilities and therefore has Coffee Channel moved along with me - which will provide some new angles and backgrounds on the pictures, as you may spot.

This is my visible set-up, there´s a lot more in the closet :)

The moving is a step in my personal life, because Im going on the school bench once more and therefore needed to find something a bit more suiting for a student - the way I see it, there will become a greater amount of money to spend on coffee gear.

I really want too ensure the followers that this moving isn't a drop in quality on the Coffee Channels behalf, because there will be more room for testing, but maybe a drop in creating such beautiful pictures, due to my new apartment on third floor - but I will try my best.!

// Hendrup

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