Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beer, Cold Brewed Coffee

Espresso stout from my local coffee shop, Kaffemekka

I have purchased this special beer from my local coffee shop, KaffeMekka, where it was price labeled at 45 DKK ($7,5) - which is in the higher price end for special beers, normally from 30-40 DKK ($5-6,5). The back label states;

"You should look forward off tasting this mild and rich stout, with cold water extracted high quality espresso coffee. The beer holds a fine coffee flavor, which complements the roasted malts and the discrete hop aroma. The Espresso stout is an experience in its own way, but its highly suitable along with chocolate and strong desserts. 
The Espresso Stout is a result of a unique cooperation between the recognized brewmaster Anders Kissmeyer from Søggards Brewery and the coffee shop, KaffeeMekka.
We hope that you will enjoy this Espresso Stout as much as we enjoyed brewing it." 
The backside label of the Espresso Stout

The special beer holds 0,5 L. of liquid which at 7% alcohol, leaving this bottle of being 2,8 drinks and contains barley malt, honey, muscovado sugar, coffee extract, oats and hops.

Taste describtion
The smell of this particular beer is partly sweet stout (malt) but also a bit caramel, telling your mind into thinking that this beer is indeed very sweet - and it is. The beer has an incredible round and full body, where its a mixture of lightness and sweetness, which is highly enjoyable. The taste is at first a bit strong, and then fades into an aftertaste where notes of coffee and chocolate, caramel is localized.

This beer is highly drinkable, but a bit too dark to enjoy standing alone - so if you are able to get your hands upon one of these brews - add some snacks while drinking.

// Hendrup

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