Thursday, March 1, 2012

When Innovation meets Quality

Redespresso filterbasket in Rocket portafilter
I have had the honor of reviewing the incredible innovative rooibos tea solution for espresso machines, in other words Redespresso. I received a great package from Tekompaniet in cooperation with Redespresso, which included two product bags of 250 gr. and I thought that´s a lot, if I don´t like it.

Nevertheless I have firstly tried some different types of drinks, the Redespresso shot and the Red cappuccino and I must say it was quite an interesting experience. I thought that it would be quite strong in its flavor and have some spicy notes, considering that it would be extracted from a lot of compressed and fine patent grind rooibos tea, brewed at a higher water temperature, compared when brewing a normal cup of red tea (80 degrees). These factors including the fact that the tea would be exposed to almost nine bars of pressure build up inside the portafilter, the picture below shows the extraction process on the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione.

Redespresso brewing on the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione
But I were in for a chock! The picture above alludes a very creamy consistency and a very brown reddish color. The crema layer, which is very highlighted in the coffee society, is in this cup suffering by big bubbles, but in a flavor comparison with an ordinary espresso shot, there were a giant difference. The Redespresso shot was very sweet and had a lot of delicate flavors of herbs and black tea without a single note of bitterness. The shot was extremely creamy and pleasant to drink straight off. I must admit that the first taste was quite astonishingly, cause I just sat there wondering what flavors I have just tasted. In my world it was revolutionary, a completely new paradigm! I had tasted these flavors before, but not in such a concentrated, creamy and silky way. I was absolutely amazed, could this really be happening? How in the world could normal grind rooibos tea give away such deep, completed and attractive flavors? I have no explanation, no suggestions or theory, all I know is its truly working!

Redespresso shot on the Rocket Giotto Evoluzione
The final brewed Redespresso shot is shown in the above picture and shows a deep brown color with some reddish tones. The final brewed shot is almost identical in aesthetics with an extracted espresso shot produced of roasted coffee beans. Back to the taste analysis; Its hard to narrow down the different notes that appear in this drink, cause of the flavors being combined in a truly fusion. Its actually hard to describe the flavors at all and I think its something that everyone should experience themselves, cause its an expansion of a person taste repertoire. For my part, I have definitely become a Redespresso-addict and I am in love with the taste mystery, that keeps my mind spinning in different directions. Redespresso have in my opinion captured the innovation spirit and blended it with pure quality.

Next up are the Redespresso weekend, where there is going to be focus on the different drinks developed by Redespresso.

// Hendrup

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