Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Syphon brewing CC tip

Checking for the right temperature
When brewing on a Syphon brewer you would normally set up the gear and pour the ground coffee into the upper chamber, waiting for the hot water to raise for merging. But can you control the temperature when using this method? The answer is no, cause you are relying on the alcohol burner to set the right temperature in the lower bowl. Surely the water will only raise if reaching a certain temperature, but some degrees are lost when the water transport itself from the lower to upper bowl. Check the video below for description of the normal brew method;

I use the temperature 80 degrees, cause this temperature will not burn the coffee, leaving a burned flavor to the cup. I also prefer this brew temperature, when brewing in the french press.

Adding the ground coffee in the upper bowl
The Coffee Channel tip is therefore to use your thermometer in the upper bowl, to check the optimal temperature and when reached throw in your ground coffee as shown in the above picture.

Mixing water with the ground coffee
Blend the ground coffee with the hot water for about 30 seconds to about one minute, depending on how strong flavored you would like your coffee. I go about 40 seconds, almost like using the aeropress, cause I get some of the more sensitive flavors in the cup.

Stirring to create a safe passage through the filter
Keep stirring in the upper bowl so the ground coffee isn't getting stuck in the filter between the upper and lower bowl. This method is leaving a more crisp flavor to the cup and is minimizing the more sour and bitter flavors. Its actually quite a different taste experience when using one of these brewing methods instead of the other, so try it out if you have a Syphon brewer.

// Hendrup

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