Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Grower´s Cup, Honduras

Growers Cup, Honduras coffee
This particular coffee from Honduras is grown by a cooperative, called Caruchil. They produce only fair trade organic coffees and supports the local community by renting some of their earnings, in loans to farmers nearby. These Caruchil farmers are located in Marcala and grow mostly Bourbon, Cafe Lempira and Catuai varietals of coffee. The group obtained their Fair Trade Certification in 1993 and is currently consisting of 325 members, 30 of these are women.

Honduras coffees are not a celebrated origin, but the finest Honduras coffees are sweet, low-key, full-bodied and superbly opulent. Kenneth Davids
The coffee is grown at a 1.300 - 1.600 m. above sea level and is fully washed and sun dried in cement patios. Its should have an amazing sweet aroma of almond and mature red berries, with some lively fruity nuances. Its a well balanced cup with a great fill of chocolate, which leaves a pleasant sweet aftertaste. The coffee should contain a very smooth cup, sitting well among a varied group of coffee lovers.

The taste of this coffee were actually as the above description, besides the flavors of the chocolate. I felt a lot of fruity notes and a round, soft and smooth aftertaste, which was similar to the aroma of the cup. A very sensitive cup without a dominant character, but instead fine nuances that simply were stunningly.

// Hendrup

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