Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gene Cafe; Tutorial

Gene Cafe
This tutorial will visually show how to avoid the slow cooling system build into the Gene Cafe operational board. The Gene Cafe has a lot of fans all over the world and its among the best home roasting choice in its league, cause of its price versus value, but coffee nerds have always doubted the cooling system and often describing it as a con.

The Gene Cafe cooling cycle is set to cool down the beans within a 10 minutes period; as a Gene Cafe owner I can determine that the beans drop from 240 degrees to 58 degrees within the 10 minutes cooling cycle. This is very slow considering that the beans should be cooled as quick as possible, therefore this tutorial will show how to avoid this system that launched automatically after the set roasting time.

            * This tutorial will quickly describe the basic steps, when roasting on the Gene Cafe *

Fill the bean drum
First off the basics; Fill the included drum with your chosen green beans.

Keeping the beans within the maximum limit
When pouring the beans into the drum chamber, ensure that the green beans is below the maximum capacity line, shown on the side of the drum. If you don't follow this maximum capacity advice, your roast will suffer from inconsistency, leaving some beans perfect and others barely roasted.

Insert the drum into the Gene Cafe
 Like normal procedure insert the drum into the Gene Cafe.

Set your roasting profile
Set your roasting profile; Red bottom controls temperature and starts the roasting time and the blue bottom controls the roasting time along with the power on/off.

Unplug the roaster
When the roasting profile is done; You think that your beans are roasted to perfection, unplug the Gene Cafe. NOTE: Unplug the Gene Cafe when the handle of the drum is in position to unmount. 

Emtying the drum
The Gene Cafe will stop within one second and be quick to unmount the drum from the Gene Cafe, cause the longer the beans will stay inside the drum, the longer it will roast. NOTE: Use a glove when unmount the drum, because it will be hot. Empty the beans on some greaseproof paper and let them cool about five minutes along with the roaster.

Enjoy the final result
This method will leave some freshly roasted beans, which aren't affected by a slow cooling cycle, causing a plastic-like scent to the beans. The slow roasting cycle will also affect the sensitive flavors and notes in the cup, cause it will simply vanish them. Its also a lot easier to judge when your beans is done, because the roast will end exactly when you pull the plug, unlike when using the cooling cycle, cause the beans will continue to roast for further five minutes.

Hope this tutorial was useful!



  1. Please, please, do not just unplug the roaster when still hot - you will melt the fan and damage the heating element. If you do not wish to use the normal cooling cycle but wish to dump the beans immediately, then press and hold the red button to do an emergency stop. This way you stop the drum for extraction but the fan is still spinning avoiding the still extremely hot heating element melting the plastic fan.

  2. OK this is three years old but still came up when I googled. This is an idiot post - agree with Sonne. Instead of unplugging it, e-stop the machine as mentioned before. After the drum slowly rotates to the home position, pull the drum, dump the beans and cool them however you'd like, but then reinsert the drum. Turn the unit off and back on, set the time to anything but zero and start, then immediately stop, which will put the roaster in cool-down mode. It'll cool down to 140°F, then stop automatically.