Friday, March 23, 2012

Mexican Maragogype Superior Granate

Ancient Mayan Ruins
Mexico is geografical located next to Guatemala in Central America and therefore some of the high-grown Mexican coffees share the fuller body and richer, more emphatic acidity of fine Guatemalan coffees. In general the Mexican coffees display a brisk, gently bright acidity, delicate flavor and medium body, which is suitable for blends and dark roasts. Some of the popular beans from Mexico is known by market names, such as; Coatepec, Oaxaca or Chiapas/Tapachula.

Mexican Maragogype located
This particular bean; Maragogype (Mara-go-hee-pey) Superior Granate, is also known as the "Elephant bean", cause of its giant size compared to a regular coffee bean. This bean were discovered in Brazil in the 1900´s, were the plant happened naturally. They got the name from the region of Brazil were they were discovered and has been relocated other parts of the Central America; Mexico and Nicaragua.

Comparrison of the Maragogype and regular coffee bean
This particular bean provides a great round cup with a long and pleasant aftertaste, its actually so balanced and round that it will do well at the breakfast table. Its a great bean balanced with a low acidity, which means this coffee easily could replace your everyday bean.

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