Sunday, March 4, 2012

Iced rooibos latte

Iced red latte developed by Redespresso
In the summer time my favorite drink including coffee is a iced latte, cause its containing caffeine, chilled and has some great taste flavors. So why not make it a bit more healthy considering a rooibos espresso shot instead of a real espresso, cause of the higher antioxidant and non existing caffeine level? Well Redespresso have thought about this and come up with a genius solution, the Iced red latte.

Normally when I mix for a ice latte, I add a small oz off caramel sirup to create a greater depth with some more smooth sweetness. This is not necessary because the rooibos shot is adding a lot of sweet notes and great depth, which makes it a little cheaper, easier, healthier and more delicious all at one time.

If you are wondering how to create this drink, here are a guided step-by-step guide;
Start by extracting/brewing your redespresso shot, on either your espresso machine, stovetop espresso maker, french press nor classic coffee maker, see a taste of summer to get a description on how to extract/brew this shot. Second of, take a glass and fill it with ice cubes, hereafter pour the double shot of redespresso onto the ice. Top off with milk, stir a bit and your latte is ready to be served or enjoyed.

I like to shake the milk and espresso shot together in my "boston shaker", seen at the picture above, cause its quickly cooling the espresso shot down and combining the milk and espresso together in the best way.

The taste of this particular drink is very nice indeed; its a classic upon a great summer evening and I can´t wait to get some better weather, cause I might serve it as a dessert for some friends.

// Hendrup

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