Friday, March 2, 2012

A taste of Summer

fresh red drink, developed by Redespresso
The fresh red drink developed by Redespresso is striking in appearance and refreshing cool in flavor, its a 100% natural, healthy iced tea, according to Redespresso´s own website. The fresh red is the most popular drink for kids in the redespresso range and is a mixture of freshly expressed redespresso poured over fruit juice and ice.

Lets start by clearing the basic, how to assemble this drink correctly. This particular drink is very easy to produce and will leave your guests staggering in admiration. The Redespresso website suggest that this drink is being made in four steps, so lets take these in order and contribute with some pointers along.

First off, brew/extract a redespresso shot on either your espresso machine, stovetop espresso maker, french press nor the classic coffee maker. If you intend to use your espresso machine, then scoop 12 gr. of patent ground rooibos tea into your portafilter and extract the shot likewise a normal double shot. If you are using a stovetop espresso maker, then be aware of leaving enough room in basket, for the leaves to expand, otherwise brew it similar to normal mocha brewing. The french press vary in different sizes like the stovetop espresso maker and a two cup french press matches the measurement off 12 gr. of redespresso powder for a full cylinder. The classic coffee maker shall have the same amount of redespresso powder to get the optimal extraction of the rooibos tea. Remember to clean your machine before use, cause remaining coffee grounds will influence the final taste of the redespresso shot. 

That was the first and hardest part of the drink creation. Second you need to capture a glass and fill it up with ice cubes. Fill the glass with juice (I have picked a fresh apple juice, extracted from freshly picked and pressed apples from a brand called Tropicana "Cloudy Apple"). Next up, is the final step including a gently pour of your expressed redespresso shot onto the former poured juice. I use a spoon which I level with the surface of the juice and simply pour the redespresso shot onto the spoon, leaving a nice straight line between the juice and the redespresso shot.

Final round is judging the flavors achieved in this fabulous summer drink. The first mouthfuls was only of the brewed redespresso shot, which tasted exactly like iced tea, zero bitterness but a lot of sweetness in shapes off berry notes. When the redespresso shot mixed with the apple juice a fusion appeared and flavors of cherry with aftertaste of apples occurred, which was unexpected and immediately sent me off on day dreaming towards the summer holiday. You should definitely try this drink, cause its very fresh and tasty! 

// Hendrup

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