Sunday, March 11, 2012

Uganda: Help is needed!

Local farmers with children from Uganda
I have tasted some truly great coffee from Uganda, for an example the Bududa bean, see Uganda Bududa AA Farm Mountain. Uganda continues to produce splendid, consistent coffee displaying a rich, powerful, fruit- and berry toned acidity energizing a cup of medium body and deep dimensions. The coffee beans harvest in Uganda is very similar in taste to beans harvest in Kenya!

Nevertheless Uganda have been in civil war the last 20 years and almost no outside help has reached the refugees, but now there has been a lot of focus on creating a better environment for the people of Uganda. The film below is made from a perspective of putting the crimes committed in the country out there, for the rest of the world to see. Knowledge is the first step in a plan of action, so join the rest of the 70,5 million people who already have seen this movie and send a clear message to Kony!

Take action and share this video!

// Hendrup

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