Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Uganda Budada AA Farm Mountain

Farm Mountain Project is located in Uganda, shown by the star.
Uganda continues to produce splendid, consistent coffee displaying a rich, powerful, fruit- and berry toned acidity energizing a cup of medium body and deep dimension. AA is the highest grade, but specific lots of AA sold at government auction differ, and one broker´s or exporter´s AA may be better than another´s. This AA green coffee bean is bought at my local coffee shop, kaffe-agenterne.dk, at a price of 95 DKK ($16,7) for 900 grams, which makes it quite an expensive coffee. The reason for the high price tag is because this bean is produced by a project, called Farm Mountain Project, where the exporter´s expect a superior quality and farm development and in return a committed price for the beans that is higher than the market price. This project is started by a danish entrepreneur, Lars Bendix and helps around forty different farms.

I bought three kilos from kaffe-agenterne.dk and have roasted several batches on my home roaster the Gene Cafe, the best batches are shown in the upper picture. The roast for press pot or filter was easiest and had a roasting profile on 15,5 min. and 241 degrees flat, after the 10 min. automatic cool down cycle, I had this stunning result.


I have brewed this batch on my Bodum press pot, which gave an amazing taste experience. I have added about seven grams of coarse coffee at every cup of coffee, in other words the Bodum 8 cups press pot equals seven spoons (56 grams). The flavor of this particular beans was very rich with fruity notes and a had a great depth. The most characteristic flavor of the cup was a nutty flavor, more precisely a taste of hazelnut mixed with some citrusy notes.


The rather darker roast for this beans was brewed on my Francis Francis X1 espresso machine, which was grounded to match the golden rule of espresso shots; 1 oz of espresso at 20-25 sec. I must admit that I thought that I had ruined this batch, but nevertheless the espresso shot was exquisite, not a single flavor of burned coffee, but instead a heavenly taste of amaretto! The shot had a long pleasant aftertaste with dessert notes.

If you seek a green bean with great depth and a sweet aftertaste, this is definitely what you seek. The price is a little high on the one, but I think its worth it. If you what to purchase some to try, click this link; Uganda Bududa AA Farm Mountain.

// Hendrup

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