Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Syphon coffee maker

Syphon coffee maker
You might have heard of a syphon coffee maker before, just under a different name such as vacpots, vacuum brewed coffee, siphon brewer, siphon vacuum coffee etc. But looking at the pictures it seems like a futuristic coffee machine, but actually it has been around for consumers since 1960s in USA and Canada. Back then the competition was extremely hard, cause there weren't the same money spend in hobbies and especially not in the brewing of coffee. Therefore the few syphon producing companies went bankrupt, but maintain a loyal set of fans. Amazingly the danish firm Bodum were the first to continuously make a syphon coffee maker, which went in production in the 1970s. In the late 1980s a group of coffee nerds found a passion for the syphon brewer and began spreading the word, by making short video clips of its brewing technique. Suddenly there were a tiny but constant market for the syphon brewer.

Today it has been a astonishing success since it was invented for about 160 years ago in France and Germany.  There are also a lot of people in the coffee society which swears for the syphon brewing method as one of the greatest, and thereby the present success of the syphon. Coffee bars and cafes have recently been adding this newcomer to their shops and for the first time, people can order a syphon brew.

The brewing method of the syphon is just amazing to watch and (take my word for it) you will impress your guests by giving them a great show along with some of the best coffee they have ever enjoyed!

Im looking forward to investing in one of these some day and giving a full review, but until that point you just have to enjoy this fascinating video.

// Hendrup


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