Friday, January 20, 2012

Coffee of the day

Latte art etching "Tornado"  
Goodmorning viewers, to a splendid friday morning! What a better way than too quick start the weekend by a great cup of coffee illustrated with a swirling tornado? Actually this was my first shot of making a etching tornado and I think I got away with it pretty well, what do you guys think? Please leave a comment.

The morning drink has been made only from a batch of robusta beans, which provides a much darker and thicker crema than 100% arabica beans. You can notice by the dark crema lines at the edge of the cup that its made of a robusta espresso shot and therefore is perfect for doing latte art. This is also the reason why the robusta beans are added in the latte art blends especially.

Later on this friday afternoon I will uploade a new blog post about the coffee myths that are commonly debated in the coffee society.

Until then have a great start of the weekend!

// Hendrup


  1. It looks really tasty :)

  2. It sure was! Got the micro foam just right today :) Thanks for your reply!