Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hario TCA-2 Syphon

Hario Syphon TCA-2
I have already blogged about this phenomenal coffee brewing equipment, see link, but I wanted to show a little bit more about how the brewing is completed. Therefore I have used the Australian Skybury Plantation Fancy bean, see link, and brewed it on this stunning syphon.

The coffee was lightly roasted to preserve the fine flavors of the bean, see above picture for roasting color. I actually took quite a lot of pictures while brewing this coffee and I thought instead of showing a lot of pictures and describing them one at a time, I would prefer to combined them in a photo series shown in a movie.

Whats going on while brewing on the syphon is that, you will build up a pressure in the water boiler, which will when reaching 91-95 degrees seek upwards into the coffee chamber, where the actual brewing is starting. After the water and ground coffee has been merging in 1-2 min., take off the heater and there will be formed an vacuum in the water boiler, sucking the coffee downwards. But the inside filter captures the ground coffee, leaving only brewed coffee to the water boiler. Therefore the coffee ground is separated from the coffee in the upper bowl while the brewed coffee is ready to drink in the water bowl.

Final result of the Syphon brewing
Enjoy a crisp and lovely cup of coffee brewed in a fascinating way! I hope to blog about the Grower´s Cup tomorrow.

// Hendrup

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