Saturday, January 21, 2012

Latte art weekend

Different latte art styles
The art of pouring milk into a cup of espresso, this sounds a little abstract but nevertheless has latte art become a great mark of quality for a barista and the people enjoying it. There has been a lot of good and negative tension around the latte art subject in the coffee society, because of its highly focus on achieving a completely pattern. The negative fuzz about this is the target of achieving latte art patterns versus the focus on the taste of the combination of espresso and frothed milk. Personally I am in between, I think its a good thing that people practice latte art and I get them! Its far more easy to try out for latte art than comparing the different flavors of the coffee and lets be honest it looks great. You can practically make any possible patterns on the top of your cappuccino, only the fantasy sets the limits.

If you are a newbie in the making of latte art, I will suggest that you start of with making micro foam by frothing some water mixed with one drop of liquid soap. This mixture will then create small or larger bubbles depending on your micro foam skills. You can pour the mixture into your espresso shot or even use cheap soy sauce to practice. If you are new in frothing milk, here is a great beginner video with a good instructor.

When you master the art of frothing milk, you are ready to practice latte art. Pull out a cup and lets get going! I will not be making a list about how to do the different latte art styles, because I am convinced that people learn best by seeing, so therefore I have added some youtube videos below, that demonstrates the perfect pour.

 Hope you will practice some artwork in the weekend. See you soon!

// Hendrup

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