Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coffee of the day

I have just poured these two delicious cappuccinos on a bright tuesday morning and added some etching to the top layer of the foam. Although I am not the perfect barista for free pour latte art, I find this latte art style (Etching) easy to use and a great place to start practice latte art.

Etching differ from the traditional latte art, because its made afterwards you have poured the drink and not by the pour. All thats needed to perform this latte art style is chocolate sauce and a coffee stirrer of some sort. I use the end of my thermometer as a coffee stir to create these wonderful patterns. You might say that the patterns used for etching is simple geometric shapes to more complicated drawings for the more experienced. The downside of etching is that it has a shorter lifespan than free poured latte art because the integrated air in the milk tends to dissolve more quickly.

    How can you make this yourself? I have created a six stepped guide below!

Beware that if you use chocolate sirup it will tend to flow through the top foam, which ruins the etching art and the freshly coffee flavor that the drink possess. I use chocolate sauce with a temperature of the room, because it then would be flexible to bend on top of the foam and will not add the drink to cool down. The adding of the chocolate sauce on top of the foam layer will not affect the coffee flavor of the drink as long as it stays on top. While drinking you will get a touch a chocolate flavor along with the origin coffee flavors, but not overwhelmingly. I would not add etching to a coffee drink brewed on some exclusive coffee beans, because the chocolate sauce will add some additional flavors, which I think in case of an expensive bean, would be a shame.

Likewise are you bound to use chocolate sauce? No! Feel free to try out some different styles and colors, I have seen some using latte art etching with red cherry sauce on top of a white foam layer, which was beautiful art, but I don't think that it would have tasted nice.

// Hendrup

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