Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newly bought essentials

Four different green beans from
So I just build up my stock of green beans from a visit to one of my two local coffee shops called Kaffemekka. I have totally bought four different types of green beans which was a total weight of three kilos.

Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes, 1000 gr. 
I bought this specific bean because of its geographical growing area, which is at the feet of the Fuego volcano. Interesting about this coffee is that its supposed to have very tasty flavor notes, which I'm looking forward to try.

Brasilien Fazenda Senhora De Fatimma Cerrado, 1000 gr.
This is the only green bean, which is grown in a "normal" geographical coffee area, but I have picked it because of its notorious sweetness in the cup. This bean is actually in a lot of coffee blends, where this bean is adding the sweetness to the cup. The bean is from the famous Minas Gerais region in Brasil and has a lot of volume and notes of chocolate with low acidity. This is also the only one of the four beans that is organic and comes from a single estate.

The chosen 500 gr. coffee beans

Australien Skybury Plantation, 500 gr. 
I thought that the Australian viewers should have the opportunity of a rating of their own nationally coffee bean, the Australian Skybury which has quite a reputation in the coffee society. The coffee bean is grown in the northern Queensland and has an distinctive sweet flavors, a smooth body and chocolate/nutty notes. This coffee has very sensitive flavors, so I will not be doing a dark roast and therefore using this for press pot.

Nepal Mount Everest Supreme, 500 gr.
This coffee is grown at the side of Mount Everest, which means that this coffee has been grown in high altitude and therefore should have some very rare flavors. This coffee is the supreme version, which means that it is the best quality produced in this area. The coffee should have exotic notes with a pleasant rarely aftertaste.

These are therefore the coffee beans I will give a rating of in the coming weeks, where there also will be made the first experiment of coffee storage.

Remember to enjoy the rest of your weekend!

// Hendrup

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