Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Coffee Channel

This blogspot site will upload posts about coffee brewing techniques and the produced coffee flavor and taste. There will be a lot of tests of the equipment, that are present and futuristic available for the private consumers.

This will be driven by my own passion for coffee, especially espresso which started almost two years ago. Today I am the proud owner of the home roasting machine Gene Cafe and the european grinder Mahlkönig Vario.

I still have my first espresso machine, which is the Francis Francis X1 a model from year 2000. Interesting about this espresso machine is that there is an internal PID, which there will be a post about later on.

These three product will there be a lot focus on in the coming post and afterwards the attention will attend to the other products available for consumers. If you have any request for a review, you can send me an e-mail;