Monday, January 30, 2012

Grower´s Cup

Four different specialty coffees from Grower´s cup
I was attending to a lovely italian dinner at some friends house, were I was presented with these innovative coffee brewing bags with exclusive coffee. Its a danish company called Grower´s cup who produce these bags and has a wide range of different speciality coffee beans . I luckily was sent home with four different types for try outs.

Normally I have a strong negative feeling about pre ground coffee, because the freshness is peaking within 14 minutes after the grinding, afterwards the coffee suffers from flavor loss. Some coffee enthusiasts speak positive for pre ground coffee when its being stored right. The right storage for the ground coffee is a CO2 valve bag, which these brewing bags doesn't have so I am concerned about the freshness.

The quality coffee inside these brewing bags is from Panama, Tanzania, Ethiopian and Rwanda and is the exclusive bags of Grower´s Cup product line. Grower´s Cup also have organic speciality bags and finest speciality bags, which is shown at the picture. The organic product line is mainly ground coffee with a 80-83 points rating by SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association Europe), where the finest line have a rating of 84+. One of these finest speciality brewing bags contains ground coffee for three cups and cost about 25 DKK ($4,5) which is kind of a high price. The organic line is priced at 15 DKK ($2,5), which is more acceptable if you are on the go.

The above video demonstrates how the brewing bags are working, using only a 0,5 liter boiling water. I will test these on-the-road solutions in this week.

// Hendrup


  1. Looking forward to read the next article, really wanna know about the freshness, since that is one thing I hate myself about grinned coffee in pacs - they loose taste.

  2. I can absolutely follow you on that one.

    Thanks for your reply!

    // Hendrup