Saturday, January 28, 2012

Australian Skybury Plantation Fancy

Australian Skybury Plantation, pics and logo
I thought that I would treat the australian viewers with a review of their famous national coffee bean Skybury Fancy. The australian beans should in general display a good body and fundamental sweetness but lack authority and complexity. I have been advised up front that this particularly bean is very sensitive towards heat when roasting, therefore it should be lightly roasted so the flavors aren't disappearing. In other words the Australian Skybury isn't a espresso bean, but I just got a new toy a Hario two cup siphon, which I will use for testing.

The price of this famous bean is for 500 gr. 99 DKK ($20), which makes it quite an expensive bean. It is certainly not a bean to experiment new roasting techniques on, so I will go the safe way and use a roasting profile of 15 min. at 245 degrees in the Gene Cafe. This specific bean is described as having a characteristic sweet taste with a velvety body and lovely chocolate and nutty flavors. The beans is as fresh as it can get and is packed from the local coffee shop the 19 of January 2012, see link.

The result of this brewed batch on the Hario Siphon was absolutely amazing. I must say its by far the best cup of filter brewed coffee that I have ever enjoyed. The taste was on the edge of sourness without being to much and the depth and body was stunning. The flavors went from chocolate to the darker flavors of nuts, especially a strong dessert taste of amaretto was characteristic.

If you are going to treat yourself with a good cup of coffee, I would certainly suggest these beans, but its a little to pricy compared to the taste and its a con that its not suitable for espresso brewing. Nevertheless I would buy these beans again for the taste experience, so if you can live with the price tag, go treat yourself.

// Hendrup

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