Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Perfect Capucinno

As many of our readers know, I'm a dedicated capucinno consumer.

I would like to describe to all of you what a perfect capucinno is in my opinion. 

It may seem straight forward to brew and make a cappa, but I have tried many different approaches, and found that these steps make my favorite. 

I use a 180 ml cup, always preheated. 

My beans are always roasted to 2nd crack.. Doesn't matter if it's a blend or SO, always take it to 2nd. More sweetness and deep flavors to support the rich milk. 

I have learned that a ristretto is the best for my cappa. For a long time I used a regular espresso with a 50% brew ratio.
But it became to powerful and bitter many times. Had a hard time controlling it, and getting continuos results. 
The ristretto is easier to handle for me, and simply tastes better.  

I have my grinder timed to deliver 18 grams. 
With those 18 grams, I get a ristretto weighing 18-22 grams in 25-35 seconds - including 2-3 seconds of preinfusuion.

That's the base and most important thing in every espresso drink. 
A good tasting shot. 
No matter how flawless your microfoam is, the taste of under or over ecstracted espresso will be dominating to the flawor. 

I top the shot with perfect microfoam. If I'm lucky I draw a descent piece of art to satisfy the eye as well !

I have made a smal video of myself making a cappa, to visualize my descriptions. 

I hope you've found this usefull, also I hope you too like this recipe as much as me !


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  1. Very cool blog and very informative. Thanks :D I have had my rocket giotto evo 2 for 6 months now and it is amazing. I am just struggling with dosing my shots properly in the two cup and 1 cup portafilter. Could you give advice on how many grams you put in each?