Friday, November 8, 2013

Panama - Duncan Estate Review

After visiting Great Coffee in Aarhus, we took a bag of their new Panama home with us.

The Panama Duncan Estate is a Arabica Bourbon, 100% organic bean. Roast master Søren Stiller describes it as tasty orange peel, blueberrys with sweet milk chocolate and notes of lemon. 

Great Coffee is a very respected and recognized roastery.Like many other roasters in the north, their doing the Nordic approach which is very light for espresso.Looking at the bag I'm just amazed. This is a clear sign, that the roast master wants nothing but perfection. A recipe for the perfect extraction.

18,5 gr dose. Extract to 34 gr espresso in 26-28 seconds, giving a brewratio at 0,54%

This tells me, that someone has made a lot of effort to make my experience with this coffee, as good as possible.But I came to miss some sort of closing system.. I had to use a bag-clamp, which is meant for the purpose I know, but the thick structure of the bag made it impossible to seal completely with the clamp. Besides that, only positive about the bag.

Still a bit worried about the light roast though.Honestly, this color would be my home roast drip coffee....

It took me quite a while to dial it in. I had to adjust, a lot, towards finer.But when I hit the recommended brew ratio, I could actually see that it ran just about perfect.

Nice dry, and hard pucks

The texture is fantastic, an the color of the crema is unbelievable ! The smell is surprisingly doll. Notes of lemon mostly.. And, if it smells like lemon, it usually tastes like lemon.

My first taste, and I looked like someone who just eat an lemon ! Really, really not my thing these light roasts.

However I have a feeling that I have to get used to the new flavors for a while. Of course I tried it as a capucinno as well, did pretty good.

So for the past week I have been sipping a bit from every shot, before turning it in to my cappa.I have to say it grows on me, there's much more flawor, liveliness and fun in a light roast.I'd still prefer my own an other darker roasts in the future.. To me they taste better. I'm just a more in to chocolate and sweetness, than fruit and apple acid.

The Panama has a medium body, with a lot of power in it. The notes of blackberry, oranges and lemon are as mentioned almost overwhelming. Getting to know the coffee, sipping it the right way, and at the right temperature, it's very tasty.When it's cooled a bit it tastes better to me. The high notes of fruit has toned down a bit. At that point the body enhances, and the darker notes are more visible. At that point I can also sense the blueberries and chocolate that the roast master describes.

I mainly consumed it as capucinno, and it was actually nice getting some variation in my coffee routines. A light fruity roast combined with rich milk is a great combination. For a while. But, for every espresso consumer there is a different opinion in taste, luckily !! This is just my opinion.

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Nordic Approach, I do like this coffee, and I can tell its a superb roast with a lot of dedication in it.

If you are fond of light roasts, fruit, high acid and perfection. You should defiantly try this.1 kg costs 250 kr/40$ - and that's cheap for premium coffee like this !

A small bonus is, that I seem to make much better latte art with this coffee, and much easier. Maybe it's just me, but still worth mentioning !

 Still have some troubles with bubbles in light roasts

                                                                                Enjoy !