Friday, March 1, 2013

Innovative Espresso

Here are two very exiting innovative projects in espresso brewing. 

All of us know how it is to yearn for the black elixir when at work, or on holiday. These two products may help with that. There are already several possibilities available, but a little competition and development at the market is always a good thing. 

This first piece of equipment is something I have never seen before, and I think it's looks really cool. I'm not sure about the pressure and how that will effect on the taste, but its smart and I think it could be a good supplement at work, because of the small size and the fact that it takes very little time to prep. 

This looks more like a real machine, where you manually build up pressure. It takes a bit more space and work, but it would properly deliver a product closer to real espresso than the first one.

I think it's great that someone has the thoughts and  courage to start projects like this. If you agree, help them out. 

I have signed up for a Piamo 


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