Sunday, September 8, 2013

Øristeriet - A2 Espresso Review

Øristeriet has been kind enough to send me an example 
of their new espresso blend - A2

The blend contains 
50% Yirgacheffe Misty Valley & 50% Sidamo Wotona Bultuma.
And it's organic !

Dealer describes it as a lively, fruity and fresh espresso. Very rich sweetness with deep notes of chocolate. 
Suitable for cortado in particular. 

As always with Øristeriet, I received the beans fresh from the roaster. I have had them resting for 8 days.
Opening the bag I'm surprised how light the roast is. It's very popular these days doing light roasts - keeping as many volatile aromas as possible. 

Well, since I'm primarily a cappuccino consumer, light roasts usually doesn't suit me that good. 
But the description claims it to be a great cortado blend. Besiddes, my crawing for milk shouldn't get in the way for a adequate review. 

The smell from this blend is very powerfull. Sweet almonds, and a distinguished spicy smell, in the end I sense tobacco.. 

When I try new coffee, I always go for a 50% brewratio. Usually that's what makes the best results all over for me. 

I notice once again the light roast when grinding - the noise from my major is significant louder than usual. Another thing to keep in mind buying light roast, not all grinders (small burrs) can chew its way thru light beans.

 I think the coffee is pretty easy to handle and I didn't have any problems getting the right flow. How ever I did strugle a bit with distribution. In the picture you can see a spritz from my naked filter. Usually I just grind and tamp, with this coffee i had to distribute with a finger, to prevent lot´s of sprints.

The crema is light and a bit thin, as expected of a light roast I would say. But I do have some problems with a lot of bubbles in the crema. I'm not sure if its the coffee, or my brewing. But it is consistent. 

The taste of the espresso is light and fresh. A delightful medium body, suited to the bright taste.The notes of fruit is defiantly clear. The taste, maybe more the feel, of chocolate is coming thru at the back of the tongue. At the third or fourth zip I could clearly taste tobacco notes. It did very good for the bright espresso. It's a good espresso, easy to get thru with lots of flavor. 
I wouldn't recommend it for cappuccino  and latté. Not enough deep and strong flavor for that. Of course that's my opinion. Doesn't taste bad though - just not enough. 

I also tried the recommended cortado. Better than cappa, and not a bad experience at all. The richness combined with light notes does very well. 
But, I actually liked it best as macchiato or stand alone espresso. 

Another tiny thing. Showed from my latte art progress thread I have had a really hard time, doing descent art. It's defiantly the thin bubbly crema that's tricking it for me. So, not good espresso for latte art :)

You can buy the blend at Øristeriet - or another of their always high quality coffees