Monday, August 26, 2013

Latte art progress

Ever since I started with espresso, I have been fascinated with latte art. 
I have been practicing and trying ever since. 
I have come to learn, that the milk texture is the important thing in the process. 
To get the best possible microfoam I have set my Giotto pressurstat at 1,3-1,5 bar. That's pretty high, and I do have to flush quite a bit. But the foam I make after the adjustment is all worth it. 

In this post I will show my progress in art. I will start with the basic. A heart. 
When I conquer the heart I will advance :)

Some where along the way I will show a video of my steam and pour technique - but I'm not quite there yet. 

Furthermore I have bought new cups. They look pretty, but the surface is rather small, which makes it even more difficult. So I'm actually back to basics 
Day one

Actually pretty good, need more structure though. 

Bad in many ways :) hope for better results tommorow


More structure - but pretty far from center.  


The last couple of days art work. 
I'm getting a better feeling of introducing the milk now, wich makes it easyer to create the right shape. Though it may not look like it yet :)
My latte art has never looked this bad, or caused me so many troubles !!
I'm starting to blame the coffee. It's rather thin and bubbly.. 
I'm gonna keep trying - but really lookin forward to try some new beans. 

New coffee- new progress

I feel pretty confident in the heart now ! And, it's getting a bit boring doing 

From now on I'm gonna try the tulip. Maybe I'm doing a heart once I a while aswel 

Apparently the tulip is easyer for me than the heart 

Great results with the tulip. 

Vacation cappas

Overall symmetries are getting a lot better.  Still struggling a bit with the endings though. 
Coffee channel are attending a latte art course with Soren Stiller Markussen at the end of the month. 
I sure hope to provide beautiful art after that !

My best tulip so far !!
I tryed pushin some more rings in there. 
Need some more practice. Another regular one, I think I got these under good control by now...

Startet practicing the Rosetta.. This I my first try. Hooping to get it a bit better, before our course with Søren Stiller Markussen 

Brand new cups from Great Coffee, used by Mr Stiller in his shop..
Hopefully my latte art technique will improve !!

It may be beginners luck, but this is the best Rosetta base I have ever made. 
It feels a lot easier to break the crema with these cups. 
It's still not pretty - but never the less my prettiest one yet. 

Still got a pretty long way ahead of me, before I can present a nice Rosetta 
From the past week

A couple of swirl hearts

Some of the throws from tha last couple of weeks. Still trying for the Rosetta. Got a lot of problems with that....

I thnk this is my best one so far


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