Monday, August 26, 2013

Belkin WeMo - Brilliant Invention

In my summer holidays I have spend a lot of time working with coffee at home.

I have acquired a gadget which I, at first glance, was sure I could not live without.

The amazing thing is called Wemo swicth

When you open the box, the first thing in hand is the manual, which is so simple it's made with four drawings.

First thing is to downloade the WeMo app. Go to app store and search for WeMo. 

It is pretty simple to setup. Plug it in to the device you want to control, find the WeMo wireless network on iPhone and connect. If you can not find the WeMo, just press and hold the reboot button in the end,while you put it to power, and then hold for at least 15 seconds. Then the firmware reboots, and you should be able to find the switch.

Here after you go into the app and setup the switch. Everything is made super straightforward.
It is also possible to receive a notification if the switch is activated manually.
Once you have selected the options you want, you can explore.

There are the first page where you manually turn on and off, response time is less than 1 second no matter how far away you are.

Furthermore, you can set up rules for the contact.
Here I have set it to 06:20 - the machine is then warm when I get up at 07.00. A routine can be  set for it, every day, every Thursday, etc. However, one must remember to disable it if you only need it once.

 Of course the machine must always be ON - so that the socket can supply power and remove it to an always on machine.
If you are standing at the switch and must have power, press the power button. As mentioned previously made so it can not be done wrong.

I have enjoyed the switch so much already. One can certainly do without it, no doubt about that, but when I drive home from work, it's really nice there is a warm machine to come home to. You quickly get used to the comfortable luxury, working in the garden, it's also nice just to pick up the phone when you get your urge for coffee.

If you do not have an iPhone to control with, you can also use IFTTT. It still requires an Apple product to connect and set up WeMoen. I have not used or tried IFTTT but have heard of several who use it without major problems.

Bottomline for me; this is a great gadget with many opputunities. I can only recommend it. The price isn't to bad, and the functionallity is beyond expectations.