Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rocket Cellini Plus v3

Rocket has released the successor to the Rocket Plus v2, and is offering a PID to control the HX-boiler, so you can reach the optimal brewing and steaming temperature. The picture above shows that Rocket strategically has placed the PID behind the drip tray, so the classic aesthetics of the machine isn't ruined by this mini computer.

Seattle Coffee Gear has once more been up front and provided a video of the newly launched v3 version - see the video above.

The Rocket Cellini Plus v3 is now for sale in Denmark for only 10.500,00 DKK with free delivery in DK, buy it here.

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  1. Hey, thank you for the great review! I live in Austria and I spotted this coffee machine on the Gastronomiebedarf und Gastroger├Ąte webpage, I am still considering buying it, but I think it is a bit too expensive for us.