Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dominican Republic, Karoma Estate From Strandvejsristeriet

This second coffee from Stransvejsristeriet is from the Dominican Republic.

They describes it as a coffee with good dept and strong coffee flavor. Suitable for filter and press. 

Again a nice and dark roast, very even with a strong and lovely smell. 

The first try is with my aeropress. I have a special way of brewing AP, i grind pretty coarse, almost as coarse as frenchpress.

 I use a small dose and I only let it soak for 2 minutes. 
This one is 15,7 gr with 220 ml water, soaked for 2 minutes. 
Look at the lovely dark color. 

The result is usually a light brew with bright notes.

This coffee is no exception. A nice bright cup, but still with a strong flavor of coffee from the darker roast. 
It's not the most lively coffee with many different aromas. Just a solid coffee, that's easy to work with. 
With this AP recipe I get lots of lemon, apple and a nice bitterness in the end ! I do like it, but i enjoy my AP roast a bit lighter. 

Did one Press a bit finer in grind and upped the dose to 17,5. The result is much sweeter, and a lot stronger. I think that suits the bean better. But it's not really my thing. 

Then I tried some frenchpress. 
Used 38 grams for 800 ml of water.

A really great pot of coffee. This bean is ment for frenchpress. No doubt about it. 

It's a very subtle coffee. Not wild or crazy notes that needs a lot of thoughts into it. As mentioned earlier; a solid coffee that works for everybody. Even my father in law who is very conservative liked it. Usually he doesn't have much joy of my fresh specialty coffee. Not like his supermarket pot à coffee he says. But this one was different. I think it's because it's not all that fancy. Just basic and solid. Yes, I sayid it again. Solid. 
Again I would just have to agree with roast master. It's a strong and good taste of coffee, the balance is perfect when the grind isn't to fine. Not to bitter with strong hassle nut flavors. 
But if it's to fine it easily gets to bitter. So be aware of that. 

If you want a coffee that works for everyone, this is the one. If you want a coffee that's simple, still good, fresh and great quality, this is it. 
If you want to do lots of precision and experiments with volatile floral aromas, this is not it ! It's to dark for that in my opinion. 
I have served it in the frenchpress at three different occasions to different guests now and everybody enjoyed it. 
I'm sure you will too. 
It can be purchased at

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