Saturday, March 22, 2014

Kenya AA - From Strandvejsristeriet

Our newest friends, Strandvejsristeriet, has supplied us with three different coffees, all with different qualities.

The microroastery opneded their doors in 2006 with a vision, of delivering fresh quality coffee to their part of the country. The last few years they have had a busy day to keep up with demand, and they are now delivering global in Denmark.
I haven't been at their shop yet, but it's a thing I am looking forward to. The roastery is located in beatiful surroundings at Kronborg Slot.
Strandvejsristeriet also provides different barista and roasting traning sessions.

 In this post i will review a Kenya AA.

Strandvejsristeriet description of this Kenya is; well balanced, complex, taste of black currant and a touch of lime. Suitable for precision brew 

Looking at the beans I think their a bit dark roast, not that it's a bad thing, many roasters would ship this as espresso. Not my thing. I'm glad to see a darker roast, also for v60 etc.

I have used my 1 cup v60, standard recipe 14,5 grams/220 grams water. 

I tried changing the dose a bit up and down, but the 14,5 grams leaves the best outcome.

Freshly poured, this coffee doesn't bring much flavor to me. It has to cool a bit, but when that's done it's a lively thing with many impressions.

I can only agree with Peter, who is roast master, black currant and lemon is the flavors to catch. Typical African I'm tempted to say.
Bright and very tasty notes of berries, the aftertaste of lemon isn't as strong as many other Kenyan coffees. The complexity of the coffee is in my opinion, that it changes quite a bit from pour to cold. It's common that coffee gets stronger and more defined as it cooles. But it's just like this one is a bit more tricky than usual. 
Because of the many different notes thru the temperature drop, it's very versatile. Good strong taste of coffee when fresh poured suits great as my morning coffee. The bright acid and freshness is what I enjoy in the afternoon. 

A lovely coffee with many great qualities. Enjoyed every bit of it.

It's a 250 kr (45$) a kilo coffee. That's pretty stabdart price.
The coffee among many others can be bought at:

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