Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mazzer Kony Clumbing Issue

I have upgraded my previous grinder, Mazzer Major, to the Mazzer Kony, which has 63 mm conical burr grinders, instead of the Majors 83 mm flat burrs. The specs actually makes the Kony worse then the Major, if you think that size is everything. Luckily, this isn't the case and the Konys low RPM is a giant step towards achieving a sweet and delicious espresso. 

Nevertheless I thought that this upgrade would eliminate the common problems with "home" grinders, but I was in for a disappointment. The Kony was clumbing right from the start and hasn't approved over the 1800 shots, that I have pulled over the last three months. 

I therefore added the antistatic filter for the Kony Electronic, but this hasn't any affect on the clumbing issue (this is the marked as the "old" in the video below). But is the antistatic filter for the Major Electronic better?

I afterwards got the tip, that I should buy the antistatic filter for the Major Electronic instead, because of its smaller holes, which should eliminate the clumbs. 

What is an antistatic filter?? Well, an antistatic filter is a device that keeps your espresso grounds loose and static free - its installed between the body and the doser. 

The antistatic filter for the Major is shown to the left and for the Kony on the right.
I have learned that the actual filter for the Kony had to big holes to eliminate the clumbing issue and as you can see in the above picture, the Major filter - on the left - has much smaller holes.

The reason why I would like to eliminate the clumbing is because that it causes weak spots in the puck, which can lead to channeling, if you aren't using WDT (Weiss Distribution Technique) to take care of this issue and its a bit annoying to perform this technique every time an espresso shot is extracted - especially considering that the grinder is a professional / high-end grinder.

The Mazzer Major antistatic filter is mounted
The result of the two different antistatic filters is shown below, where the Kony filter is on the left (the one with the bog holes) and the Major filter is shown on the right (the new filter, with the smaller holes). The pictures speaks for itself and there is a clear improvement, but nevertheless the holes could be a bit smaller, cause there still is some small clumbs left. Positive upgrade!  

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