Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nerdy Bird; Rocket r58

Official release note from Rocket regarding v58

Along with Rockets newly announcement of the Rocket Premium Plus v2 and Evoluzione v2, an even greater release have been published. The Rocket r58 will be the first espresso machine with a dual boiler from the Italian manufacture. You might wonder what the term "dual boiler" is covering and its very simple; A dual boiler espresso machine consist of two different boilers, one for brewing and one for steaming, but can be done simultaneously . This separation allows a more stabile brew temperature or steam power according to the dual boiler supporters, ex. comparing the dual boiler with the popular HX-boiler, the HX-boiler shall both keep a steady temperature of 92-95 degrees for brewing and a lot of steam, which is created above 100 degrees, can you spot the dilemma?

The dual boiler has an individual boiler for each job, which is therefore more suited for the job. Nevertheless a HX-boiler is often preferred by many coffee nerds, because of its water capacity; generally of 1,8L or 2L versus dual boiler with boilers of 0,5L for brewing and 1L for steaming. A pros of the HX-boiler would be that its often more quicker in recovery time, than a dual boiler.

More detailed description of the r58

This particular dual boiler espresso machine from Rocket should include a PID temperature control - perfect for controlling your preferred brew temperature. In other words, lets you adjust the brew temperature. Likewise the Evoluzione v2 model, the r58 comes with a full commercial rotary pump; the best option when choosing between brew pumps - and an option for plumbing the machine or using the water reservoir supply.

From the included pictures from Rocket, seen above, the r58 should have some different round handles instead of the traditional knobs, whether this is an improvement of design or functionality only time will tell us. The r58 also have some more pendant steam wand and water tap, leaving a better operational handling.

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