Friday, April 20, 2012

Hario v60, part II

Preheating and wetting the filter

When getting ready for a pleasant drip coffee from the Hario v60, you need to place the dripper onto your cup and place a Hario filter in the dripper. Afterwards you can pour some hot water into the dripper, causing a moistening of the filter and meanwhile preheating the dripper and cup, which could make a difference in the taste (depending on who you might ask).

Next off is placing the right amount of ground coffee.

Depending on how many cups you are brewing the applied ground coffee must be adjusted, exemplified; the Hario v60, two cups enables brewing of one to four cups of drip coffee, were a scoop the following measurement spoon equals the right amount of ground coffee per cup.

The larger question is how course should the used coffee be? Well about three to six minutes is the ideal contact time, but why such a big spread? This allows you to develop your own personal taste, but also when you grind finer for drip there is a double effect, because the grind slows the flow - but it also increases the contact area between the water and coffee grounds.

I found when brewing four cups, which this brewer is capable of, I ground slightly coarser, still a fine grind, but just less fine, so that my entire batch was ready in six minutes. When I only needed to brew one cup, I ground superfine, but it still took less because there was less water to run through the grounds, so I had to grind very fine, almost a powder. Due to the increased ground surface exposed to hot water, I got the same strength in about four minutes.

Preinfusing the ground coffee

The coffee ground is equally distributed in the filter and then topped with some hot water, just covering the entire surface of the coffee. This small amount of coffee shall extract with the coffee for about 30-45 seconds and afterwards the water can be poured slowly, adapted to the water flow.

Coffee extraction
The key thing when using the Hario is to control the water flow as much as possible, because the Hario v60 wouldn't help you on that bit, causing you're all alone making it right. The above picture shows the extraction process, where the small amount of hot water has been applied and is extracting for about 30-45 seconds.

Water flow of the Hario v60

I must admit that I prefer a slightly fine cup, leaving a brew time about three to four minutes, which is causing a quick water flow through the dripper. NOTE: If you want to delay the water flow, pour less water in the dripper, because if you add a lot of water it will create a pressure and push the water through quicker.

The drip brewed cup using a Hario v60

The Hario v60 does a great job producing a proper coffee, that being said it has the capability to produce splendid coffee, but do you master it? Its actually up to you, if you don't know how to adjust the brew/extraction process nor determine how you would prefer your cup, this brewer will not be in your favor. Keep in mind that you can grow with this dripper, because you can always adjust a little bit - in other words a learning process. A cheap learning process.

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// Hendrup

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