Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coffee Jam at Great Coffee

On Sunday I took a trip to Aarhus. Great Coffee opened their doors and welcomed everyone with interest in coffee.
At the same time the Danish Unofficial Championship Of Home Baristas were held. Three contestants entered, and they all delivered beautiful coffee and great results.

Beautiful surroundings for a coffee shop IMO

Every possible method of brewing can be found here, of course Søren Stiller, award winning latte art, and bariata champion and owner, made exquisite espresso on the Synesso for the audience.

One of the contestants home setup. Some serious equipment.

The big roaster

The lifestyle program, "So fucking special" made a program about home baristas. Hoast Christine Feldthaus interviewing Søren.

Søren Stillers trophyes

The contestants. Winner in the middle, second place to the right and third place in the left.


Competitors, who all know each other in privat.Lots of love and friendship, even when competing.

All in all a really great day, with great coffee and many participants all with the love of coffee.

The event was arranged by Espressobar.dk and Great Coffee

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