Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hario Drip Scale & Drip Station - introduction

Between my law exams I couldn’t resist the opportunity of publishing a post regarding the newly introduced Hario Drip Scale and Drip Station, which quickly has become my everyday brewing tool for coffee. The attached video below, shows the controlled brewing process with the Scale and Drip Station.  

The Drip Scale and Drip Station are actually sold separately from each other, and it´s not necessary to use the Drip Scale along with the Drip Station, but when investing for the Drip Scale go all the way – it´s designed to fit and operate perfectly with each other, so don’t separate them. 

Drip Scale - Besides Harios focus on glass products for tea or coffee brewing, the Japanese company this time has mixed technology with the needs of a barista, which gives you the chance to improve and brew a great cup of coffee every single time. 

You might think by now; What´s with the enthusiasm for a scale, hasn’t this dude been around for the last couple of decades? Well he has, and the scale combined with a built-in timer isn’t extreme engineering, but simply logically thinking, due to its main purpose of being design directly for coffee brewing. If you think about it, which variables does aeropress, filter and presspot consists of? Water temperature, grinds size, brewing time, weight (Weight of coffee, weight/amount of water = Coffee versus water) and the roasting profile of the beans. This device lets you control the brewing time, the weight of coffee and the water distribution in a perfectionistic way, which earlier wasn’t so easy because you had your own precision scale and a separate timer – properly the timer on your mobile phone – therefore your focus was divided on multiple devices, which men in particular aren’t famous of handling.     

Objective and factual conclusion – The scale is designed in a very minimalistic style and is therefore very adaptable to most kitchen environments. It holds a small footprint (14 cm. * 19 cm.), which is large enough for a Chemex and therefore also aeropress and standard presspots. The scale has a 2kg maximum capacity with 0.1g increments from 0-200g, 0.5g increments from 200-500g and 1g increments from 500g to 2 kg, which is capable of fine measuring the coffee and water, when brewing. It´s powered by two AAA-batteries (included), and has a power safe feature, because it automatically turns off after 5 min. of inactivity. 

Drip Station – Hario has also designed and released a clear acrylic pourover stand with a drip tray that pars perfectly with the scale, no wonder why this was launched together. But I have heard about coffee shops that didn’t order any of the Drip Stations home for sale, because it´s made of acrylic and therefore holds a rumour of easily being exposed to scratch’s. I have had my set for about two months now and there isn’t a single scratch that can be located on my Drip Station, despite heavy usage – this rumour is therefore total rubbish. It´s a fact, that the transparent acrylic pourover stand is attractive to the eye and also combined with the Hario v60 (transparent acrylic also), which clearly is the purpose but also can be used with any other pourover, Melitta for an example. 

Combined – Hario has done it yet again and released a setup - without a match - in perfect design and quality. Comparing the set to other alternatives, it may seem like a good idea to save some money and buy a precision scale instead and keep timing with your mobile phone – for those people please read the following cursive text. 

(Hario has again released a product, which is exclusively made for the coffee market and therefore also should be supported instead of buying other kitchen scales. It´s a privilege that companies like Hario maintain focus on the market of the coffee enthusiast and it deserves to be honoured.)  

The Hario Drip Scale and Drip Station combined offers you the ability to massively improve your skills for brewing filter coffee, without even breaking a sweat. It allows you to control the smallest brewing details and keeping these simple, so you can focus 100% on the actual brewing. You might say that it quantifying your brewing process and therefore is very simple to adjust to your taste preferences.

In the nearest future, I will publish a post regarding the actual brewing process along with some pictures. So stay tuned!

// Hendrup

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