Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Coffee Collective - Daterra Sweet Collection Review

I have finished my last batch from The Coffee Collective, this third and last one is their Daterra Sweet Collection. 
These were also green when I received them. I roasted them till start of 2nd crack, at about 207c.
Unfortunately all of my pictures from this batch got lost. 
But I can tell the beans are washed and they hold different size. This became a little tricky during the roast. I could see easily that they were roasted uneven. Never the less it became a good batch. 
I like this collection very much, the acidity is extremely low, just when the espresso hits the tip of the tongue, a bright apple acid is noticeable.   
The acid is quickly overtaken by deep and super rich flavors and notes. I have had many problems putting my thoughts of this coffee in to words. 
The flavors are very intense, a heavy mouthfeel with deep notes of bourbon. When after tasting a while, hints of tobacco (in a good way) and malt is shining thru.  The thing that I notice most, is that it's fat. Super fat and rich. It's heavy as well, I only had to fill my portafilter 2/3 compared to normal to get 18 gr.
Because of the fat and richness I don't think it's a good coffee for milk. It just doesn't blend well because of the richness from the milk it self.
As a stand alone espresso with some apple pie, it's just some of the best I could imagine. 
A superb coffee, deep, strong, powerful  and very tasty. But a little tricky to roast.

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