Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dalla Corte Bamboo Edition

There are many super cool modifications of coffee gear out there.
Both large and small projects.

At the Danish coffee forum Espressobar.Dk,  a guy who goes by the name TheBat18, made ​​a (in my perspective) unique stroke of genius with his Dalla Corte Mini.

The site is in Danish, and the thread can be seen and followed here:

Also TheBat has given me permission to link his flickr page, since it’s still an ongoing project.

For those out there who are not as sharp in Danish, I will quickly give an explanation some of the images as good as I can. I will not go into the techniques and approach, as I have no knowledge of how it’s done.

He has chosen to make bamboo panels for his Dalla Corte.

He has designed a special mold the bamboo plates will be shaped in.

Afterwards the panels have had the necessary holes cut in a laser.

Everything is completed with finesse and perfection.

It is an insanely ambitious project this one. 
The results indicate a designer who does not compromise with quality.

Furthermore the electronics has been given a significant upgrade as well.